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Vanity Wonder

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    Wayne Grace


Vanity Wonder

Meet Vanity Wonder. The 4’11 model describes herself as The 8th Wonder of the world. She likes hot chicken wings, Drake, and Patron with an O.J. chaser. No, that’s not a joke. Anyhow, pop the hood for some sinful pics of Vanity Wonder!

Vote for Vanity Wonder

+78 rating of 100 votes

  • Educated Brotha

    Hell nah…This chick is 4’11… Sorry I’m 6’2 me and her wouldn’t look right together lol… She’s a looker though!

  • ubani Eze

    i love the way u are

  • ubani Eze

    i love ur bums

  • ubani Eze

    and i love u  call me on 08163662996

  • ubani Eze

    i love wonder baby


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