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Last Modified: Feb 17, 2011


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+102 rating of 112 votes

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Veatrice was born and raised in Portland, OR where she currently resides. She recently completed her Bachelors of Science with a double major in Business management and marketing. Currently Veatrice works as an account manager for corporate clients. On the side Veatrice is shooting alot of content for her website,, which should be launching soon. So everyone can check out all her curves standing 5’9’ with measurements 36DD-27-45.

You may have seen Veatrice in Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” music video, in SHOW Magazine and Hip Hop Weekly. Veatrice is just getting her feet wet in the industry. Keep your eye open for her in 2010; best believe there is more to come. When Veatrice is not working she enjoys traveling, working out, and watching sports!

Vote for Veatrice

+102 rating of 112 votes

  • Cache

    I love those eyes, that silk hair and those curves make me scream!

  • Bayram 196801

    loveyo loveyo

  • Bayram 196801

    loveyo loveyo

  • Hator Tut

    kisses baby

  • damond salary

    she’s amazing and beautiful she the apple of my heart.

  • damond salary


  • Abayomy

     u are so so much more than a woman u are spirit sent anywhere

  • Jock

    Ok so beauty, curves, and brains……..solid 10/10……cuz of the brains though

  • Mac33393

    Work on me!  Work on me! Work me oooover. Baby can definitely make a brother hurt himself.




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