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Xtina Noel

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Xtina Noel

The best of both worlds is a cliche that truly describes model Xtina Noel. This Puerto Rican-Italian blend of beauty and personality has become one of the country’s most pursued print models to date. Having been crowned #1 on New York’s Most Wanted Urban Models, here is how she maintains a sometimes stressful balance.

Hailing from the often misunderstood NYC borough of the Bronx, Xtina is the product of your typical all-American family; “I lived in a good neighborhood me whole life. I was the only child until I was 9, then came my brothers and lastly my sister. I enjoy being the oldest because I like teaching them new things and being a role model for them” says Xtina. Most mothers and fathers have aspirations of their children to be doctors and lawyers, Xtina chose a career in which she showed a passion and interest. For that, her parents are very supportive and even make light of seeing their daughter. “Some of my stuff is sexy of course, and my parents sometimes joke around like ‘Oh I cant look at this, where did our little girl go?’. But they are definitely supportive of any choices I make in this career.” You would be a proud parent also with a child who is as ambitious as Xtina.

At year end of 2008, Xtina has appeared on over 30 websites, 6 calendar projects, appearances on Maxim Sirius Radio, many print flyers, posters and magazines. She began her rise to notoriety with a feature in RIX Magazine in 2007; a New Jersey based magazine, featuring cars for the entertainment industry. While she has been a Maxim Hometown Hottie, gracing the cover of the prestigious mens’ magazine is something that is very high on her “whats next” list; “Of course I want to be in Maxim and yes I do believe one day that I will get the opportunity. Just keep an eye out! Not mentioning anything else (giggles)”.

New York City is a model’s paradise. But it is also a place where you can feel as if you are in a pool of quicksand. Xtina Noel is definitely escaping the fate of being “just another pretty face”. In 2007, she was voted # 4 on the most wanted list. But in 2008 she took home the coveted title of New York City’s Most Wanted. At 23, this is a tremendous accolade to add to her resume. “When the ad came out, I was in first place! I was so excited I had to tell everyone!”

While Xtina is keeping up with the steady requests of print and featured work, she does have a subtle and normal life. She works a 9 to 5 job like the next person. It is very easy for people to make assumptions and judgments based on what they see, but Xtina is definitely not what you may think her to be. In her own words, she speaks on what people need to know about her; “I want people to know that I am a regular person too. I do have feelings, I am human. I do not wear makeup on a daily basis unless I absolutely have to, one of the reasons being I don’t know how to put it on! (laughs) I do not wake up looking like a million bucks and I like that. I get a lot of messages and emails complimenting me and I do appreciate all of the love and support from my fans. But I am really a big goof-ball and I love to laugh. I’m the girl that is out with her friends acting a fool because it is ok to be that person. You don’t always have to be serious, just be yourself. I always am and whether you like it or not, I am just me and that is all I am ever going to be.” Spoken like a true New Yorker.

Vote for Xtina Noel

+41 rating of 49 votes

  • Damond Salary

    she totally look like mariah carey. i would totally embrace my heart and place it into her heart 4 love and cherish.


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