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The Right Woman for the Single Dad

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The Right Woman for the Single Dad

Playing the field and keeping you options open may be a whole lot of fun for some guys. But as maturity sets in, very few things can surpass the joys of being in a serious relationship with a great girlfriend. So how do you know if she really is a “keeper?” If she possesses the following 5 traits, you better hold on to her for dear life before some other guy comes along and steals her away.

1. Intelligence

Let’s face it–being with a woman that’s beautiful but dumb gets old pretty fast. On the other hand, a great girlfriend can meet you at an intellectual level, constantly surprise you, keep you on your toes and deepen your attraction past the physical realm. An intelligent woman with a good sense of humor won’t let you get bored of her because you’ll always find yourself trying to figure out what she’s really thinking.

2. Independence

Dealing with a woman that can’t seem to function without you will eventually make you feel like you’re suffocating in the relationship and have you headed for the nearest exit. A real man should enjoy having a girlfriend who displays confidence, has a real life of her own, can stand on her own both financially and emotionally and is happily going in her own positive direction. An upside of dating this Alpha Female is knowing that she is confident, she won’t rely on you for everything and she certainly isn’t looking for men to solve all her problems.

3. Loyalty

A great girlfriend loves her man…flaws and all, and takes the time to show him how much she appreciates him every day. This type of woman is ready to go to war with you and take on whatever obstacle life presents. She’s not the type that will be checking out other guys, but will keep her attention focused on you, the man in her life. She’s a genuine person who considers you in every situation and will be on your side no matter what.

4. Beauty

Whether or not she’s up for first prize in a beauty contest, a great girlfriend is beautiful on the inside and the outside. She will not only want to look good for you, but also for herself. This doesn’t mean that she has to look like Halle Berry, but she should be so well put together that you’ll be proud to have her on your arm and enjoy the sight of her in any light.

5. She makes you want to be a better man

A great girlfriend inspires you to improve yourself without even saying anything. Just being around her makes you want to better yourself. She’ll make you want to do things like getting your finances in order and keeping yourself up on the regular. She will lift you up when you need it and provide constructive criticism to make you a better man.


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