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Last Modified: Aug 24, 2011

Jayonna Fabro

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Jayonna Fabro

I am from Columbus, Ohio. I grew up in a small country town right outside of Columbus. As soon as I graduated high school I moved back to the city! I love the country. But, I am a city girl at heart. I currently reside in New York and Columbus. I am Italian, Indian, Irish and white. I love to go out with my girls. I also love snuggling up at home. You may bump into me at the mall or the gym! I love to shop and work out. I also enjoy cooking and traveling. I am very determined and focused. I can be the girl next door. With my big smile and long blond hair. But, I can be the girl you want to spank with the 43 inch backside! Lol!!! -Jayonna Fabro

Vote for Jayonna Fabro

+456 rating of 696 votes

  • Hator Tut


  • Hator Tut

    stunning sexy baby… muahhhhhh

  • Juliosk8bi

    wooooooooooooooooow que rica

  • Damond Salary

    she totally yummy and scrumptous. me likey

  • Damond Salary

    she totally yummy and scrumptous. me likey

  • Master


  • Mmosley67


  • Zalza

    I wanna Do stuff give me one day to her and………….

  • hezekiah

    here fatty fatty fatty

  • bennyblancos

    i would sure love to cuddle and spank you as well lol on face book


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