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Last Modified: Aug 05, 2013

Kristina Divine

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+302 rating of 926 votes

    Shawn Darnell
    Starr Simplicity Photography


Kristina Divine

I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD by two Jamaican parents. To the shock of many I have been only modeling since 2007, and I love it. As a child I was always a very shy person, but when I am in front of the camera its a whole new world for me. It is as if I am playing a role in a motion picture, and changing characters with every shoot a feeling I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Although I love modeling my passion is working with children with disabilities like autism. I currently attend Morgan State University and majoring in child psychology. I enjoy sporting events, movies, theater, music, night clubs, and other social gatherings.

I want to say thank you to everyone who supports me in the DMV area, and look forward to seeing me in the top male magazines, videos and other promotions. Default image by MEZ.

Vote for Kristina Divine

+302 rating of 926 votes

  • Marleyfreaknasty

    luv tha pic hunn sexci keep doin yur thng good luck on yur career

  • Big Tymer

    You are a sexy chocolate joint I didn't know you went to Morgan State

  • Tony

    i wish i could pay that ass to sit on my lap $100 every half hour

  • weihuang


  • GangstaBoy84

    hey Kristina! :)

    I have vote now for you and good Luck.
    I hope you go to number 1#…
    Love You Honey, bye.

  • Ashley Steele

    got my vote mama! (: -@MsAshleyS

  • eddy

    dat bitchs ass is so photoshopped on dat main pic that her finger gets blurry and you cant even see her nail. eww ugly ass bitches only got their ass to show off..smh

  • Entreo

    Yo Ya Get 2 Votes From Mi. My Fantasy Wife 2 Be. All Day Every Day


  • TerellMcdonald

    you make a man heart skip a beat true blessin

  • Rhawkinscorp

    Multi-National Nonprofit Organization (501C-3) that provides commmunity development programs and projects to cities across the country. is currently looking for (Shaply and Fit) Models for Upcoming Corporate Events, VIP Events and Promotional Tour. All events will be broadcast “LIVE” Must be will to travel and be over 18 years of age. Compensation $500.00hr. Plus expenses. If interested please send two recent photos with contact info. (SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY!) Direct 412-452-3299 Robert, thank you! Must be willing to travel. I’m the Founder of the Organization. you’ll truly benefit!

  • doowtah

    OK i voted you win

  • FAROCQ15


  • FAROCQ15


  • Greglunani1982

    gosh u are blessed

  •عفاف-على/100002565389295 عفاف على

    اوعى وشك وطفى النور

  • SpaceAgePop65

    You got it going on my beautiful chocolate sista.

  • Roland7023

    U look delicious! I wouldn’t mind a taste of that chocolate


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