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Kitti Kouture ‘True Hustler, Pure Goddess’

Kitti Kouture ‘True Hustler, Pure Goddess’

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Name: Kitti Kouture
Stats: 32-25-43
Ethnicity: Black, German, Filipino
Birthplace: Silverspring, MD
Twitter: @TheKittiKouture

If you didn’t get paid, would you still pursue modeling?

Well let me say it has it benefits and ups and down as well. Most of the time I enjoy what I do and it gives me different outlooks on this industry. Now of course, I feel my time is valuable because I’m good at what I do, but if there was no pay I’d probably wouldn’t have started. I gotta’ hustle and generate my craft as good as my nature.

Why is it that so many girls aspire to become models?

They see the glamour and beauty… but don’t think about the risk and the business behind it. Just me alone, branding myself wasn’t easy at all. I didn’t think it would take off like it has but I’m proud of myself. You’ve gotta’ have a backbone in this game because you will get bypassed if you’re not dedicated.

How does it feel to know that men and women fantasize about your pictures?

Just feels good to be adored!!!

How does your family feel about what you do and the photos you take?

I actually have a very supportive team behind me and they just admire my accomplishments and how I’ve branched out to other opportunities.

How do you perceive yourself v.s. how the public perceives you?

I’m a laid back girl with drive for life and all its possibilities. Usually people think I’m stuck up before they meet me. I’ve even had men tell me that I’m intimidating. So yeah, everyone has their opinions but anyone I know knows that I’m a loving deep person.

How do you feel about being stereotyped simply because you are a model?

Its unfair at times but at the end of the day if you know what you’ve came to do and do just that F*CK the peoples view.

Besides modeling, what else are you good at?

I also do wardrobe styling, choreography and music. I just did my first film this summer in Houston so I guess you can say acting now as well.

Would you consider styling to be a passion?

Yes, I’ve been doing it for a year and a half now, mostly female styling but I want to get more deep into the fashion world. So ill be attending school in February in Miami for Fashion Design.

How would you define your style and who or what inspired it?

I have a touch  of glamour meets edgy style and the era of the 20′s Hollywood glamour collaborating with my edgy risk taking looks is what inspires me. I’ve always seemed to switch it up but I seem to get away with any look I put effort in.

If you could style anyone, who and how would you dress them?

I think I would have fun dressing Amber Rose because she has a fun look that you can just use as a canvas. I would give her a retro 20′s look but still playful and up to date with edge to set the outfit off.

So you’re also interested in acting?

Yes, I just shot my first movie as one of the lead roles over the summer in Houston. It featured me and other well known comedians and models and reality stars. So be on the look out for “Reality Movie”. I plan to still pursue it and keep taking classes to prepare myself for other roles.

What is an ideal role/character you would like to play?

I’ve always had a thing for romance and comedies and like the thought of being someones love interest. But I grew up being a comic book fan, so it may sound silly but I wanted to have my own comic of me as a Superhero in a movie lol.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

That I was very athletic and such a tomboy in high school but quiet lol.

What is your definition of a freak?

Someone who shows how creative they can be and release all their deepest desires… no holding back, that’s what makes the connection much more passionate.

What’s your fantasy?

To make love in the ocean, I love the water and the beach.

What gets you aroused?

Just any simple caressing or soft touch and kisses

Are you a sh*t talker in the bedroom?

The only way you get me to say something vulgar is if your doing your job and putting it down. I may say something like slap my a** or choke me lol.

In the bedroom what’s your ultimate turn off?

A man who can’t last long enough… I’m sorry I like to go innnnn for awhile.

If you were a p*rnstar what would your stage name be?


Does whips and chains excite you?

I like to keep the excitement in my sex life, so a little four play or bondage doesn’t hurt even role play.

What do you do to turn your lover on?

I like to get into someones  mental and spiritual side before I make it physical. So if we are feeling each others vibe then through that connection I know your turned on by my mystery and appeal.

What lingerie do you feel most sexy in?

I like the simple teddy and boy shorts.

What physical part of a man turns you on the most?

I love a mans back and his V cut right below the waist… I just wanna kiss it!!!

Are you more dominant or submissive in the bedroom?

It depends on how my partner is really. I like to play both roles in the bedroom because sometimes the man wants to feel in control and it makes it fun when you switch it back on him. That’s when you got him hooked lol.

What is the freakiest/kinkiest thing someone has done to you?

Someone has tossed my salad and I was definitely trying to run… it felt weird lol.

Do you have a sexual fetish?

I am open about me being into females and I just love a sexy b*tch, turns me on!!!

If you were to role play who or what would you be?

I would be a teacher, I like teaching new things.

Share a sex tip with your fans!

Stay safe in these sheets and try new things!!!

— by Britney Love


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