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Cayenne Wesley “The Ultimate Hustler”

Cayenne Wesley “The Ultimate Hustler”

Where are you from originally, and how long have you been modeling? I’m from Houston, TX; and I’ve been modeling off and on for about three to four years.

What do you plan on gaining from your modeling experiences? My goals are to become a *SUCCESSFUL* actress and/or comedian. I love acting and I love to make people laugh.

So tell us… what makes you different from other models? I’ve always been told that I’m a very “unique” person (in a league of my own) and I would like to think so myself; I’m also a very humble person, unlike some of the models I’ve encounter!

You are a true hustler. What inspires you the most? Myself, my son and my goddaughter; I’m also a very competitive person! So, I thrive to *WIN* and to be the best at whatever it is I’m doing!

What are some of your thoughts while in front of the camera? Well, when I do a photo shoot I like to think of the camera as my sex partner (laughs) so, my first thought would be “Am I seducing the camera the right way?” or “I hope nothing is *exposed* right now!” (Evil grin) and “I wonder if my attire is straight?” Some photographers will not tell you that you’re exposed! They’ll just keep shooting like it’s the thing to do! Some photographers don’t have that “Good-Eye” to notice everything; so they can ruin a good shot by not telling you (or noticing) that your shirt or dress is not straightened; or that your thong or bra strap is twisted.

Do you consider modeling to be a lifestyle? Hmmm… Let’s see? Lights, Camera, ACTION! I would have to say “YES” not only is modeling a lifestyle. To me it is “thee” LIFESTYLE! *Smiles*

Name 3 things you like and dislike about the modeling industry. I like being in front of the camera, because I Love posing and taking pictures! I also like hosting parties and meeting some of the good people that I meet in the industry; and of course (last but “Definitely” not least) I “LOVE” my Fans! I really don’t have any dislikes about the modeling industry. But… the fact that the modeling industry is becoming more and more oversaturated can be a bit frustrating! However it’s not a dislike because I can respect the next person hustle; I would like for them to respect mine! 

Do you have any dirt on anyone? YES!!!!! But I will keep that one to myself (LAUGHS).

What is the best advice you have been given? Trust “NO” One! It’s better to be a great listener than a person who speaks too much; and my favorite advice that I’ve ever received (and Co-Sign) is that “NOTHING IN LIFE” IS *FREE* NOTHING!!!!!

In one word… describe yourself. “AMBITIOUS”.

What are some of the projects you’ve had a chance to be a part of? Magazines, videos, calendars, DVDs, CD covers, etc… too many to name them all! It would be much easier, to go to from time to time to check my current credits and future updates to my resume.

Tell us some of your hobbies? I love to entertain, read, write songs, poems, and short stories. I like cooking, bowling, shooting pool, and of course “Making Out” (Laughs).

What is your sexual preference? I really don’t have one. I mean if you can keep my attention, make me laugh, and you have mad swagger; It would really boil down to (male or female) if you could make me “HAPPY” or not! *Shrugs*

Are you single? Uhhh Somewhat!

Explain the term “Somewhat” lol. Because man, people are “CRAZZZY” (Laughs) No but seriously though; I have my eye on someone that has their eye on me, so we’ll just have to see where that goes. *Blush*

What turns you on? “Good Hygiene” and a good, soft, genuine, “Kiss” on my forehead (Smiles).

Where’s your sexual weak spot? You want to know all my lil secrets huh? (Laughs) “My neck, right behind my ear” Whew! *Passes Out* LOL.

What is your favorite sexual position? As I stated earlier, I be “F**k*ng” the camera. So you should know the answer to that question, just by looking at majority of the poses in my photos! (Laughs) Everyone calls it my “Signature Pose” (Smiles).

Are you submissive? Yes, I am! “VERY” but to a certain extent! Because, I will speak my mind and/or voice my opinion; but at the end of the day, I know and “Respect” who wears the pants! I love to spoil my man and do whatever to keep him happy! “Take note ladies” (Life Lesson 101) that’s how you keep your man!

Have you ever tried something in the bedroom that you vowed to never do again? (Laughs) NO… Not yet!

So there’s no sex tape floating around is there lol? Nooo… not at all! My name is *Cayenne* my sex is too “HOT” for camera! The steam in the room would probably melt the camera lens! (Laughs)

What is one sex tip you would like to share? *BLANKSTARE* I can’t keep telling you all my business now! J/K but I don’t share my “Sex Tips” luv…*Shrugs* Sorry! I have to leave something for the imagination! Right? Lol.

Ok so tell us this… immediately after sex what’s next? First shower! Then three things could happen – I will either “cook for you; go to sleep; or get up and leave!” It all depends on how good the action was (Laughs).

Do you have a celebrity crush? YES… (and that goes back to the “Are you single?” question) LOL

Inquiring minds want to know lol… Tell us who? Well, if it was left up to me, I would (probably) tell you, “maybe” lol. But, I don’t think that person want his business out there like that yet. So *Shrugs* But… I don’t really like my personal life out in the open myself either, so I’m good with that.

If you had your own reality show what would it be called? “WHAT’S *COOKING* WITH CAYENNE?!”

What are some of your upcoming projects? Well right now I’m on the cover of ASIS / ASSETS Magazine “1st Annual” 2011 Collector’s Edition Calendar; I’m also working on the release of my own personal Calendar! I’m on the cover of two magazines that will be out soon. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal the names of those magazines until they drop; I’m working on the “Relaunch” of my Official Website; you will also see me on a couple of DVD’s and in a few videos real soon.

I’m also in the process of writing my first book! That is the most exciting project for me! I have lived a very interesting LIFE! I’ve survived a lot of things from childhood to adulthood. I’ve been on TOP! Living the “Good Life” but, I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve felt the pavement of hitting rock bottom. This won’t be your typical “Superhead” / “Kat Stacks” stories. Not knocking them, (Because I discuss a few celebs in mine as well, however, I’m too classy to put their names out there for my own personal gain) but of more relevance everyone will feel this book; It’s about my real life lessons, ups and downs, having it all; to having nothing at all (and vice versa); Most importantly it’s about overcoming obstacles and “SURVIVAL”.

What would you like to tell your “friendly” competition? I guess… grind “Grind” GRIND! Go hard or go home! Because if you’re in competition with me? Chile! You better bring you’re A-Game! Because, I don’t play softball I play hardball and I only play to “WIN” (Smiles).

Do you consider yourself to be the perfect blend of sexy? “ABSOLUTELY” Who wouldn’t?! Hellooo?? ? lol. But Yes, OF COURSE I DO!!!

What is your definition of a Hustlebunny? *Cayenne’s* definition of a “Hustlebunny” is to never “STOP” until your *GOAL* is Met! Even after you reach your goals “Keep on Pushin” *BUN B* voice! (Smiles); and Always, ALWAYS keep it “Classy and Sexy”.

Any shoutouts? SHOUT-OUT to, S/O to my fans and supporters! And S/O to the HB’s that I see on their *GRIND* 24/7 @CayenneWesley, @EvEliciouzPKF, @LoveLeeHill, @KarmenBell@IAmDaphneeDeus, @MzSummerBreeze, @CHERISH305, @Miss_Meka.

Check out more of Cayenne Wesley on Hustlebunny here.


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