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Simply Medgie “Sexy With Class”

Simply Medgie “Sexy With Class”

How did you first get started with modeling? Actually, It’s a scary story… (laughs) I first started out pursuing acting, (which I still pursue as well currently)… and of course I kept on receiving modeling gigs… paid modeling gigs! So I took them… and one thing led to another. But eye candy modeling had to grow on me. I was really hesitant at first about eye candy modeling.

Why Is That? A few reasons! Mainly because of the misinterpreted message it sends! A mature audience enjoys it because it sells sex appeal! Adults can separate “imagery” as opposed to “reality”, but young girls cannot! I don’t want them to think that beauty and sex appeal is all there is to life. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes as well. Many of the models I’ve come across are educated, hard working women. Some single moms. Far from your average Karrine Steffans model, who manage working full-time and a modeling career full-time. I wish they were more susceptible to that side of the business… the strong business woman side.

Is modeling something you do as a career or as a pastime? It’s both! At least it had started off as both. Until I realized how much I’ve built “my brand”. This is my blood, sweat, and tears! Hard consistent work! So yes… it’s my career… I’ve invested so much. However, I always try to have fun while I’m doing it. And naturally, when you’re having fun it becomes a past time!

What is the best advice you have been given? To always remain humble, while knowing how to turn bitch-mode off and on.

The biggest misconception about me is… On first impressions, I feel as if some people may not take me seriously.  I’m an out-going, out-spoken, and very inquisitive female. And when you mix the three you get an aggressive individual. And that can turn some people off. Until… they get to know me! (Laughs) I mean, really know me! Then there like wow and are taken aback, like “She’s smart”! And I love that! (Laughs)

What body part of yours attracts the most attention? My eyes… I get called out on the daily about my eyes.

Name one person dead or alive that you would like to meet. What would you say or do to them? My grandfather. He’s my mother’s father, and he passed when she was a young girl. I would ask him what my mom was like as a young girl out of curiosity. (Laughs)

What do you enjoy most about modeling? Hair and Make-Up! (Laughs)

Is modeling for you a natural talent or something you acquired over time? A bit of both. Naturally, all gifts are talents that you perfect over time.

What would you like to tell your “friendly” competition? Let’s hang out ladies… do lunch! Talk business…

What is one of your best bedroom experiences? Oh wow… that’s too explicit and personal. Let’s just say it was the best! Hands down! (Laughs)

What fruit would you consider yourself to be and why? Cherries! I’ve been told I taste like cherries! (Laughs)

What is your definition of a Hustlebunny? My definition of a Hustlebunny would be… I’m the energizer bunny! I keep going… and going… and going! And… I stayed decked out in carrots!

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  • Slick

    I got a boner just reading the article.

  • Slick

    I got a boner just reading the article.

  • grindzone

    i see you eve :D

  • Wes

    I love you boo & keep up the good work.

  • Sam_b


  • Ghanaiancaramel

    very nice interview! She seems to b a great person! And she hella sexy too! NICE

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