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Last Modified: Apr 29, 2013

Jessica Canizales

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Jessica Canizales

Hello my name is Jessica Canizales. I was born in Brazil on July 30,1979. At the age of 1 I moved to Panama, for family purpose, when I was nine years old my father moved my family and I back to Brazil during this time I spend my weekdays at a Catholic School and weekends living on the beach because I love the water! After living in Brazil for 9 years my family and I sought a new opportunity and moved to America.

I first arrived in America when I was 18 years old out of all the places in America we settled in Idaho my father has all his family there, which happened to be Mormons, Even thought this was a totally different way of life I was still very happy because all I need in my life is my family and hot guys lol! After spending a year in Idaho we moved again to Miami.

In Miami I was going to school to become an Interior Designer and I was working part time at Hooters this is how I started my modeling career by being in the calendar for 3 years right after that I was walking down the street in South Beach and a Playboy talent scout saw me and stopped me and asked me if I would audition for Playboy, I have never being shy, but always classy so I took a chance and now I’m a Playmate and done over 9 playboy special editions, and worked as a host for Playboy TV. Default image by Antonio Gallippi.

Vote for Jessica Canizales

+315 rating of 379 votes

  • damond salary

    she georgeous and lovely

  • damond salary

    me totally love this picture.

  • damond salary

    me totally love this picture.

  • Edison Chuairi

    she is amazing still !!!!!!!!!!!!! princess.

  • Ron Jiggs of XxoticAngels

    Jessica Canizales twitter is @JessicaC_VIP it is not @Planet_Jessie
    Please change it…Thanks Ron Ny Jiggs Jessica Canizales Manager

  • Maurice Lewis


    “Nigg it” 5X

    It’$ 1″ Moe” 4u UliKeDaDoThaTWeDo!!!! Do Da Do!!!!!

    Share the Love!!!!!


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