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Courtney Seymour ‘Beautiful Fetish’

Courtney Seymour ‘Beautiful Fetish’

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Name: Courtney Seymour
Stats: 34C-26-36
Ethnicity: African American
Birthplace: Indianapolis, IN
Twitter: @MsSeymour

Why do you choose to model? For money? Attention/Fame? Self fulfillment?

Modeling gives me that adrenaline rush that I enjoy. I’m a creative person and being in the Junior Honors Art Society when I was in school (yes I’m a nerd), I get to see artwork come to life. It’s always fun seeing your vision right in front of you when you have the right team that brings it all together.

You are a very versatile model!  What do you enjoy most? Fashion shows or Sexy/Urban Photoshoots?

Thank you! That’s a tough question actually lol. Each genre gives me a different feeling. I enjoy being sexy and grabbing people’s attention with my urban shoots but, I enjoy showing the hard work someone puts into a garment by walking on the runway. Plus I have a bad ass walk.

Why is it that so many girls aspire to become models?

They want the attention but it’ll suck them in and spit them right back out if they’re in it for the wrong reasons. They can believe all they want that they’re living their dream but you can always tell when someone is content with where they are.

How does it feel to know that men and women fantasize about your pictures?

I love it actually. It’s really flattering and sexy at the same time.

How does your family feel about what you do and the photos you take?

Eh, they agree to an extent and they let me make my own decisions. That helps me to be more cautious of what I do but I still don’t forget who I am as a person.

In your opinion, how are models generally stereotyped?

Aw man… hoes, groupies, want the easy way out of life, lazy, anorexic, stuck-up, rude… I can keep going.

We understand that you continue to charge through obstacles and roadblocks on the road to success. Share with us some of the obstacles you have had to break through!

I had an issue of not knowing who I am as a person. I did a great deal of doing what the people wanted but not what I wanted. I had to look past that and learn to be comfortable in my own skin. It’s natural to have moments of insecurity and I definitely had mine.

We heard that you’re a comedian? Are you a jokester or a prankster?

I’m mainly a jokester. Anything that comes up I make a joke out of it. Or if I see it, I will bring it to light and make it funny. I’m a goofy person anyway so it’s natural. A lot of guys actually like me for my personality more because I can relate to them in a sense. I find a sense of humor in anything and don’t take things so serious.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

I used to play basketball. I was in a lot of different leagues including AAU, went to nationals and everything, I played all throughout school too. I’m definitely a hooper lol.

What is a pet peeve of yours?

When people don’t research the answer for themselves. Google can be your best friend.

What makes someone a freak?

A freak is a person that’s willing to try anything once or make up some off the wall stuff to try… anytime, anyplace.

How important is sex to you in your love life?

I need it. It keeps me sane and keeps a balance in my everyday life.

Do you find women attractive?

Very much so. Women are gorgeous creatures but, I wont share too much of my adventures ;)

In the bedroom what’s your ultimate turn off?

I can not stand when a man is quiet because they don’t want to show that they’re vulnerable. I’ll mention it to them but, if it continues, I will lay there stiff as hell.

What song would you strip tease to?

Jon B “Inside”… when R&B mattered and sounded good.

What do you do to turn your lover on?

I like to grab his d**k when we’re in spots that you can’t exactly just take me down right then and there. It let’s him get all worked up so he knows what he’s getting at home.

What lingerie do you feel most sexy in?

A lacy bra and panty/thong set. I’m a petite but shapely girl so I like to show off all my body parts.

What physical part of a man turns you on the most?

It’s weird but his arms and his neck. Especially the muscles in the forearms that kind of just bulge out a little bit… OMG… mm mm mmm.

Are you more dominant or submissive in the bedroom?

I’m most definitely dominant. I can make a man do things that once we’re finished, he wouldn’t even feel wrong that it happened to him.

Is there anything you would NOT try behind closed doors?

Not at all. I’m open-minded and never want my partner to get bored. It’s like being a different woman so they’re not cheating but it feels like it. Keep it exciting!

What is the freakiest/kinkiest thing someone has done to you?

Ate me out (front and back) with pieces of Popsicle and a Slushy in his mouth… it’s a different sensation than using just plain ol’ ice.

Do you have a sexual fetish?

Even though I’m dominant, I like to be man-handled when I least expect it.

If you were to role play who or what would you be?

A police officer. It’s such a powerful position that I can hold towards him to make him feel helpless. Better not fight a cop back.

Share a sex tip with your fans!

Ladies, if you’re riding your man (or girl, whatever) have them push on your lower abdomen with the palm of one of their hands and grab your ass with their other hand… Thank me later.

— by Britney Love


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