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Jazzie Belle

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Jazzie Belle

Gorgeous. Innovative. Ambitious. Ever so often a force of nature arrives to change the formation of the universe in which they reside. Just like the solar eclipse, this distinctive movement occurs at a unique moment in time.

Carlita has solidified her position in the atmosphere and now it’s time for the world to take notice. Growing up in Detroit, Michigan where she was the baby girl out of 10 siblings, Carlita never had a problem standing out in the crowd as her own individual.

Born with strikingly good looks reminiscent of a young Supreme and long locks to die for, Carlita was the apple of her parent’s eye and the admiration of pubescent boys in the neighborhood. However, Carlita never allowed the approbation to swell her head; instead she allowed the education she received from school to do that. As an honor roll student, Carlita was set to attend any college of her choice but was determined to showcase a hidden talent she possessed but never revealed to anyone. Known to everyone as daddy’s little girl, upon exiting high school, Carlita did the unknown and opted to unleash the tight grip of her father’s possessive hold. She decided to form her independence and take control of the life she knew she had to live; that life was to become a female rapper.  So, Carlita and her best friend of more than 10 years formed a group together called Glamour Girlz. Carlita was now known as Jazzie; just like the instrument of a saxophone, soft and delicate on the outside but once you start pushing the buttons and analyzing the piece, a strong conviction belts out; leaving its predators in awe.

Utilizing the same ambition she had at her days in school, Glamour Girlz entered several talent shows, appeared in local rap artists’ music videos and landed a role as an extra’s in Eminem’s monstrous debut movie “8 Mile”. The group was well on their way leaving a mark in the underground rap scene. Glamour Girlz moved to New York City to pursue their dreams of attaining a major record deal. Unfortunately, that dream was short-lived when the girls decided to part ways and pursue solo projects. Jazzie was now alone and knew that she had to continue pursuing her dreams on all levels. Always being told of her exotic beauty, Jazzie chose to give modeling a shot at spearheading her rap career into the eyes of industry powerbrokers. That feat worked and editors of men’s magazines took notice. Others are shocked to find out that after ten months of modeling, Jazzie has been featured in major men’s magazines such as Feds Sweets Magazine, The Source, Hip Hop Weekly and AS IS Magazine and Cover Girl of Straight Stuntin with 50 Cent and the road to success is still coming at a steadfast pace.

Jazzie Belle is on the fast track towards becoming a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Not because of the accomplishments she’s made but due to her willingness of not settling for mediocrity. It’s not everyday for someone to raise the bar that was set for them at a high position. To see what this smart, beautiful young species has accomplished in her short existence on Earth, the skies are the only limitation she is set to face. Much like the eclipse, Jazzie is an astronomical phenomenon. Image by

Vote for Jazzie Belle

+758 rating of 1,286 votes

  • Game

    now this broad bad as fuck

  • Cthugpoet

    Hot pics!

  • Dirty Boy

    Big bad ASS, JUICY too, keep up the good work teasty Belle

  • jonathan

    OMG got ass that make my mouth water and I am still drooling while type.

  • doowath

    Shows a lot of class beautiful ass get my vote every time

  • Ham

    Fabulosa .

  • All Hip Hop Models

    She has just the right amount of butt!

  • Jock

    All I can say is 10/10 perfect

  • Jock

    All I can say is 10/10 perfect

  • Mac33393

    Ah-ight Carlita.  I feel you….ooooooooooooooo….I feel you!!!!!!!!!

  • Mac33393

    Ah-ight Carlita.  I feel you….ooooooooooooooo….I feel you!!!!!!!!!

  • Damond Salary

    woooooooooooooooooooow! she’s totally amazing

  • Mmosley67

    when are you doing a show in chicago

  • BigHRD2

    Really great cushy booty JazzieBelle gots

  • BigHRD2

    Beautiful brown skin thick black woman, Jazzie Belle is not another comment
    to make.

  • Jayjr1988

    hey baby this jay

  • Jayjr1988

    whats up man


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