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Anowa Adjah

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Anowa Adjah

Anowa Adjah can truly be described as “A rarity in unique form.” Her name “Anowa” meaning “Strength” in Nigerian embodies her character to its epitome. Indisputably, leaving a lasting impression on everyone she meets, Anowa has already garnered herself “as a force to be reckoned with”.

Miss Anowa was born Anowa Adjah in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York. After a brief bout in Flatbush, her parents moved Anowa and her 3 siblings to Piscataway, New Jersey. A descendant of Nigerian parents, Anowa’s life consisted of a strict disciplinarian household. Her parents many methods of discipline utilized keeping Anowa and her siblings engaged in athletics and the arts. Consequently, Anowa became a natural in sports, excelling in basketball and track, in addition to dance and vocal performance. However, it was Anowa’s statuesque frame and maturing body, which also attained a large amount of attention. Anowa’s 5’7 inch height and 140 pound frame in the 6th grade was quite compelling to her peers.
Shortly after a near fatal 3-week hospitalization from pneumonia at the age of 15, Anowa refocused most of her energy in athletics and the arts. Anowa received numerous awards and accolades for her accomplishment in track and field and basketball her abilities were immeasurable. She also participated in dancing, singing and writing. Anowa’s unique abilities as a performer made her a “natural star “.

Following her graduation from Piscataway High School Anowa attended Temple University in Philadelphia in the fall of 1999. Though still a part of track and field while in college, Anowa made a decision to redirect all her focus to studies and dance. In her freshman year of college Anowa co-founded the dance team “By Any Means Necessary” and began performing all over the east coast. Through her numerous activities and exceptional “BODY”. Anowa became a popular name on Campus and through out Philadelphia.
Shortly after graduating in May of 2003, Anowa competed in the 11th annual “HYPE HAIR MAGAZINE NATURAL BEAUTY CONTEST” where she became a finalist. Shortly following the competition, Anowa has graced the pages of several publications: “THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWSPAPER” as “BEAUTY OF THE WEEK”, IB CONCEPT, FRIDAYS, ASIS, XTREME, DANCING LADY and STRAIGHT STUNTIN MAGAZINE, along with a number of others.
Anowa has also created her own entertainment company “Glitz & Glam Ent” which showcases her talents as an event coordinator, Hip-Hop/ Reggae choreographer, and writer.

Vote for Anowa Adjah

+458 rating of 650 votes

  • Diegorosa60

    What doe’s it take to make you a happy girl?

  • Ham

    Superior sexiness !!!

  • George Overcome Christian

    , I just finished my new video for my 90-day challenge. It’s about 6 minutes. Please check it out and give me some feedback. Thanks!

  • CAIN


  • Educated Brotha

    She is a Goddess who should be Worshiped. 

  • Educated Brotha

     Whoever wife that up you are a lucky man…. And imma beat your ass cause I’m a hater like that.

  • Mr. B

    An Egyptian Queen. Yes sister, you are one of a kid. I absolution love my beautiful black sisters. 

  • Darrin Marc Gindratt

    That is one fine chocolate sista. :)

  • denidowi

    Just the most Beautiful Girl :)


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