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Tina B

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Tina B

Tina B aka Ms Ice grew up in Burlington, North Carolina where she grew up disliking many of her most prominent physical attributes. Mainly her buttocks and freckles. Having to deal with classmates who tormented her about her face and unusually large posterior end, Tina tried her best to be sure that those features did not stand out. It wasn’t until years later that she began to realize that it was these traits that helped make her unique.

Growing up as a tomboy, Tina never thought of herself as a girly girl or one who should take an interest in modeling. In fact it was pure coincidence that she even got started in the field of modeling. Her boyfriend who happened to be a photographer, would often edit models images in her presence and one day needed her to test some lights. Being that Tina took an interest in the editing process she was more than happy to jump in front of her boyfriends lens. Things took off from there.

It wasn’t long before Tina B landed on the website Indo’s Place and soon after that in Asis magazine. Since then Tina has had the opportunity to travel, host parties, and feature in several other publications and websites. Her fanbase continues to grow. Default image by Affinity Ratios.

Vote for Tina B

+821 rating of 1,047 votes

  • jonathan

    Simply beautiful. I bet they wish they can eat their words now. Because you are as beautiful as they come.

  • doowath


  • Bishop753

    Those are some hot pics. You are very sexy, beautiful and those freckles make you even hotter than you know.

  • Jock


  • Mac33393

    OMG!!! It’s Sasha Fierce. Beyonce could only wish she was this fine.


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