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Elke The Stallion

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+349 rating of 477 votes

    Adrian Fernandez


Elke The Stallion

Elke The Stallion was born and raised in Germany where she started modeling at the age of 14. After she graduated college with majors in English, Business and Economics she traveled to France, Italy, Costa Rica and finally made her way to the United States 7 years ago. She has established herself over the past 5 years as one of the hottest and most talked about music video model in the Urban Modeling Industry and on the internet.

Elke has been featured in videos by various hip-hop artists and magazines such as Smooth, Smooth Girl, Asis, Straight Stuntin’, Feds, Sweets and so many more. She has made herself a household name and made Elke The Stallion into a trademarked brand that is recognized all over the world due to endless internet features.

Vote for Elke The Stallion

+349 rating of 477 votes

  • Abenaa Boateng

    wtf is that?

  • Jock

    Well here’s one of my favorite women on this planet….. AND HUSTLEBUNNY STOP DELETING MY COMMENTS I JUST SPEAK THE TRUTH I WILL SUE YOU……..nah you bring me too many sexy ladies but I still should be able to speak my mind

  • All Hip Hop Models

    Elke is a Staple in the Hip Hop Model arena…. good one HustleBunny

  • Ricardo Richie Ramosmaldonado

    ooouuuu, very hot elke the stallion, more from her super butt!!



    flameviewer .blogspot. com

  • damond salary

    she’s beautiful and gorgeous and the apple of my heart.

  • Kamilo Esparta

    wwwoooowww nnniccceee aaaasssss

  • Exoticsheena

    I love Elke the Stallion she is shittin on the GAME literally! LOL!

  • Exoticsheena

    I love Elke the Stallion she is shittin on the GAME literally! LOL!

  • Jorge Nielsen


  • Jan Trappmann

    She has a face looking like being punched a few times and a really fat ass with even a bit cellulite! So whats so “beatiful” at her?
    From my point of view, shes very ugly and most of the people all around the world share that opinion!

  • Docsmithy

    Just Gorgeous….
    Just a Beautiful, beautifully-packed, fleshy … Lusciously put together Chic
    She is most Welcome in my place Any, Any time she wishes :)

  • Junior

    I got to meet her last night at Supperclub. She’s even more impressive looking in person and she was really sweet.

  • Joel

    She has a ugly ass face

  • koudri

    i like her ass

  • Docsmithy

    Isn’t she Great!
    She’d make a Wonderful dinner :)

  • Docsmithy

    Wot U need to do is stop looking for bad and start finding the sheer Beauty that this lovely girl has :)

  • Dorkster

    Ummm. Most of those pics are really old. She looks horrible now and in person even worse. Especially when she smiles….ughh!!!! Dont let the celluloid butt fool you!

  • Docsmithy

    Ummm … lol … u sound female , for a start…
    Probably a jealous one :(

    So I think I’ll await a male’s view ;)
    Ha ha HA! ;)

  • Zunguzeng

    ELKE is just marvelous!!! Those gorgeous legs!!! Not to mension that deadly ass,the kind of a woman you will give your all to,even your soul you HATERS!!!

  • Zunguzeng

    Hating realy kills!!! If your gal ain’t got IT, She just don’t have IT!!! You’ll Loose yourself from HATING! So loosen up!

  • Zunguzeng

    Your heart is realy suffering from hating,but I get it,if one becomes overwhelmed with da beauty of da booty,can become realy confused!!!

  • Zunguzeng

    What a horrible thing that can come out of the man’s heart! Or are you a shim?

  • Zunguzeng

    You right man, that’s too feminine!!! But the hearts of real men are pounding for that AWESOME booty! I just made a special mension on my will,that when I die,I just wanna be burried in that ELKE booty!!!

  • Docsmithy

    ZunguZeng, you’re spot on Man
    This glorious chick has just the Fan legs and thighs, da Booty and Bod to die for
    I could just Sink into this chic and stay there ;)

  • Docsmithy

    I would say ur female firstly

    n’ 2ndly, Lol, as u can see 6 out of 7 disagree with u … so there goes ur “most of the world” claim ;)

  • Zunguzeng

    Oh! Holly grace! blesseth are those hearts of men who adores a beautifull booty when are fortunate to access one! Curseth are those horrible hearts of men who keeps on dissing that holly ELKE booty when they are horny as Hell!

  • realblue10

    damn, somebody wearing her ass out doggystyle on wshh.

  • Jamie Nicole

    you let that lil dick nigga set u up

  • Gen

    Muy bonita mujer eres la mejor del mundo felicidades

  • Docsmithy

    You Lucky lucky guy :)
    She does look like a very nice personality – from her pics :)

  • CityOz



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