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Janese Marie ‘Natural Born Killa’

Janese Marie ‘Natural Born Killa’

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Name: Janese Marie
Stats: 36-24-36
Ethnicity: Blackfoot Cherokee Indian and Black
Birthplace: Washington, DC
Twitter: @JaneseMariee
Facebook: Janese Marie
Website: Coming Soon

What is your definition of a model?

A woman with sex appeal, sexy body, strong personality, bold, unique and beautiful.

Why is it that so many of the “girls next door” aspire to become models?

Natural beauty! If you are naturally sexy, just imagine if you were glammed up.

How does it feel to know that men and women fantasize about your pictures?

It makes me feels great inside. I complete a man’s thoughts and desires.

How does your family feel about what you do and the photos you take?

They don’t support what I do but its my life. You live yours and I’ll live mine. It doesn’t bother me.

In your opinion, how are models generally stereotyped?

Hoes and groupies, but we all are not like that. Some girls give the professional models bad names in the viewers eyes. Crazy!

How do you perceive yourself v.s. how the public perceives you?

I’m a thoroughbred, smart, down to earth, calm woman, who has and show respect. Some support my sexy a**, some hate!

How do you feel about the state of the modeling industry and the direction it is going in?

Ok I guess, more doors are opening.

What was it like growing up in DC?

Hard but love!

What makes you a Natural Born Killa?

I demand attention when step in the room, I’ll take your man in front of you. My style is swag, my eyes talks what my lips wanna’ say. I am unique  and adorable. I don’t try, it all comes natural to me.

Are you as innocent as you look?

Hell no…

What is your favorite past time?

Ol’ school love making music like Barry White and Al Greene etc.

Would you rather spar in bed or make love?

Make love… I love that connection.

How important is sex to you in your love life?

Very important. If it’s not good, we not good.

In the bedroom what’s your ultimate turn off?

Too many positions, not enough stroking. Keep it in motion. I’ll get bored fast!

What song would you strip tease to?

Rick Ross featuring Nicki Minaj “You The Boss”.

Does whips and chains excite you?

Yes… freaky like that!

What do you do to turn on your lover?

I use my tongue.

What lingerie do you feel most sexy in?

A one piece thong set.

What physical part of a man turns you on the most?

His d*ck size!

Which hair style do you prefer your kitty to rock? The Diana Ross (afro), the Amber Rose (bald), or the Halle Berry (short and trimmed)?

The Amber Rose sometimes, and the Halle Berry often!

Are you more dominant or submissive in the bedroom?

I’m a switch, I play both.

Is there anything you wouldn’t try behind closed doors?


What is the freakiest/kinkiest thing someone has done to you?

Ate my a**… I didn’t like it though.

The bullet or the rabbit?


Do you have a sexual fetish?

Call me a b*tch, while we having sex.

If you were to role play, who or what would you be?

Hardheaded Lil Mama!

Share a sex tip with your fans!

Give your man head when he least expect it.

— by Britney Love


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