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Briana Loyd

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Briana Loyd

Briana Loyd was born March 23, 1987 in the wonderful weather of Honolulu, Hawaii. As an army brat Briana moved around from coast to coast finally settling down in Houston, TX where she would attend college at the University of Houston. Briana has been modeling approximately two years off and on with balancing school and work. In her beginning year she was featured in music videos such as Paul Wall’s “Break’em off” and multiple Mike Jones Videos including “Mr. Jones” and “Turning Heads”. During those years Briana hosted parties throughout Houston, Atlanta, Louisiana, and Mississippi. She has also appeared in magazines such as Hip Hop Weekly, FEDS Magazine, Sweets Magazine and Source magazine twice as well as popular websites such as In this short period of time Briana has revamped and refocused her energy towards modeling and graduating in the summer of 2009. With goals of getting her PHD in Psychology and to pursue acting the future looks bright for Briana.

Vote for Briana Loyd

+104 rating of 120 votes

  • Vernon

    Now I know why God rested on the 7th day because making you took a lot energy.

  • Adolf_0912

    i want fucking you …i loved

  • Dk Ikosa

    Wow, what an absolutely fine Woman. Not only is she absolutely attractive in her appearance, &
    personality, she also is quite intelligent, & wiling to go far in her Career (Psychology, & Modelling).
    All of the best to her.

  • damond salary

    she’s my black cinderalla and nubian princess of my heart.

  • damond salary

    she’s my black cinderalla and nubian princess of my heart.


    Needs to be in the movies!!!!!


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