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Currency Cakez

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    Donato Sebastian
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Currency Cakez

Unique, exotic, and “not common” looking is what I tend to hear a lot. Or, what is your ethnicity? My name is Carmella and to answer the biggest question of all… I’m a wonderful mix of German and Puerto Rican. Odd mix… I know and I love every second of it. I am a fairly new model that some might call a “rookie” that’s looking to make the right moves in this industry! I am stoked and ready to work with new photographers and cover all aspects of the modeling spectrum.

I’ve always had a passion for the arts. I attendend a Performing Art School and graduated with a scholorship for Dance. I was a Nordstrom’s baby when I was a “Weee—Young one!” But when it comes to the “modeling world” this is all very new to me! However, being the person I am… I am always willing to take on a challenge with open arms! Just recently have I decided that this is something that I should embark on. I model because I feel good about myself and I want to share my beauty. Everything I do defines me as a person I respect myself as I feel everyone should. I can do it all I believe, as I intend to do so! I’m easy to work with, easy to get along with, no diva attitude, coachable, open-minded, free spirited, fun loving, silly, punctual, hard-working and humble. Most importantly, I treat business as BUSINESS nothing more and nothing less as I expect the same of the people I work with. For the most part, I am laid back and like to observe because I can always learn something new.

Vote for Currency Cakez

+105 rating of 123 votes


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  • homeysafreak

    Damn she is hot. Really nice ass on her.

  • damond salary

    me like her cakes. may i have sum ice cream wit dat. my nubian goddess of love.

  • D

    “Currency Cakez” Your joking, right? LOL!


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