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Last Modified: May 03, 2011

Heather Shanholtz

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Heather Shanholtz

I’m not your average swimsuit and lingerie model so don’t judge me for my looks. Modeling is my passion and when I’m doing it never feels like work, but other than beauty I also have brains. I own a web and graphic design firm and I specialize in photo and video editing. I am also a talent recruiter, a serious networker, and an all around entrepreneur. I love electronics, computers, and video games so I guess in a way I’m a computer geek trapped in a hot body lol! I’m a fun down to earth girl that gets along with everyone and enjoys meeting new people, I am definitely a people’s person!

I’m proud to say I grew up in a small country town (Jarrettsville, MD) because it is what molded me into who I am today. I moved to Florida about 10 years ago and recently moved to Miami. Motivation, dedication, drive, ambition, and my personality is what keeps me booked. When I put my mind to something I never give up and I don’t stop until I get it. I’ve worked really hard to get where I am and I will continue to push forward. For fun I enjoy going to the gun range with the boys to shoot big guns, yeah that’s right big guns only!

I also enjoy skydiving, water skiing, paintballing, and pretty much anything that will make my heart race. I like comedy and horror films, and I love all types of music as long as it has a fun energetic beat. If you want to hang with me you should know that I’m a big prankster. I’ve even gone as far as staging a car jacking lol! My guy friends love hanging out with me because I’m not your average girl, I’m more like one of the boys. I am a risk taker and I’m extremely adventurous, which is why I love trying new things.

The way I see it, I will try it at least once and if I don’t like it I just won’t do it again, plain and simple. I’m a strong believer that everyone needs to live a little and take advantage of everything that life has to offer! Life is short and I want to have as many experiences as I can in my lifetime. With me it’s the little things that count, like a beautiful sunset, a funny joke, or a home cooked meal. In life I most value my family that is always there for me, and my true friends whom always support me. I feel very fortunate and I am grateful for everything I have in my life. Default image by Justin Price.

Vote for Heather Shanholtz

+56 rating of 74 votes


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