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Last Modified: Feb 23, 2011

Jessica Miss Rabbit

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Jessica Miss Rabbit

My name is Jessica Miss Rabbit. I grew up in Houston TX, I was pretty typical to my environment, had a lot of friends, and I got into the occasional trouble that teenagers get into. I pulled it all together for high school though, and I’d say I didn’t do too bad for myself, all things considered. A lot of people assume that I’m “stuck up” or conceited, but that notion melts pretty fast after just spending a few minutes with me. I’m usually then described as the most down to earth and cool person, which I am.

What’s up with the Miss Rabbit thing you ask? Well, growing up, one of my favorite movies was “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” and I was so taken with the character Jessica Rabbit, she’s a sexy character, a total babe, and it was just coincidental I suppose that my real name just so happens to be Jessica, and a lot of my friends knew this was my movie, so the name started and stuck. I’ve chosen to just shorten it to “Miss Rabbit” because of the number of people making reference to “Jessica Rabbit” with their names, so I’ve just got to be different. Default pic by IEC Studios.

Vote for Jessica Miss Rabbit

+98 rating of 106 votes

  • damond salary

    she’s the dream goddess of my heart.

  • Jayjr1988

    hey baby this jay

  • Laz11

    Jessica Kylie is with Nick Vibes now. all she want is $$$$$$ he gon know soon lol


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