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Last Modified: Apr 07, 2011

Kaeo Black

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    Risque Curves
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Kaeo Black

Kaeo is pronounced K.O. The name Kaeo actually means, “The Victorious” in Thai. Kaeo Black is a 24 year old mixture of African American, Thai, Native American and Irish. She radiates a style of her own, elegance and beauty converged with jaw dropping curves.

Kaeo was born and raised in Oxnard, CA. She currently resides in the Greater Los Angeles area. In her younger years Kaeo enjoyed participating in Girl Scouts (6 years), where she first discovered her talent for sewing and her love for animals and the outdoors. She also participated in dance (10 years), where she mainly focused on ballet, tap and jazz. As an adult, Kaeo found a new love for pole dancing, which helps her to stay in shape and maintain her status as the life of the party. Kaeo also loves the Lakers, traveling, hiking, camping, reading, shopping and cooking.

Kaeo is currently a double major in chemistry and women’s studies. Ultimately she’d like to do research on the affect Sickle Cell or Lupus in women. She also plans to pursue a PHD and become a forensic pathologist.

Initially modeling wasn’t in her foresight. However, one day she was approached by a seemingly normal photographer and decided to give it a try. Kaeo’s first photo shoot was a total flop! The photographer was creepy, weird, and unprofessional. In a recent interview Kaeo said, “He growled and barked like a dog the entire time! It was sooo scary.” But she didn’t let that one “interesting” photographer affect her opinion on modeling. She then decided to give it one more go round, and aren’t we all glad she did! She has been actively modeling for a mere one year, however, she is rapidly making a name for herself! In her short stint she’s done music videos, reality TV shows, lingerie modeling, promo modeling, worked with a large melting pot of photographers and been featured with both King and Show magazine. In the future Kaeo looks to do commercial and urban glamor print modeling, promotional beverage modeling, party hostessing, play principal roles in music videos and hopefully one day we’ll see her on the silver screen. Default image by JPD.

Vote for Kaeo Black

+59 rating of 61 votes

  • Lederrick .t coleman

    hi what up mz black u lookin good in all u r picx ma sexy u one fine sista with body

  • Lederrick t coleman

    i mean u so hot girl u should be the queen off hustlebunny

  • Kaeo Black

     Thanks hun!! :)

  • Jock

    …..cute girl with a nice body……her love for the Lakers makes her the best model here

  • Jock

    …..cute girl with a nice body……her love for the Lakers makes her the best model here

  • Jock

    Also makes me the best commenter here


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