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Kedesha Ferguson

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Kedesha Ferguson

My Name is Kedesha and I am and Actress/Model. I am also Jamaican, and I’m here to network Hopefully with some amazing people. I’m pretty Creative so I want to start developing my own concepts and work with people who may have concepts in mind. -Kedesha Ferguson

Vote for Kedesha Ferguson

+97 rating of 197 votes

  • Weihuang2606
  • DaRealCdell

    Keep up the excellent work!!! Very BEAUTIFUL & SEXY…

  • Jeremi

    Beautiful Dark and Lovely

  • Jeremi

    Beautiful Dark and Lovely

  • jesus torres

    so beautiful!!!

  • jesus torres

    very beautiful!!

  • Hamilton

    Too much beauty in her . Excellence.

  • Hami

    Black is much more Beautiful .

  • Mac33393

    Kedesha….what can I say. You alright girl!!!!  Dayyumm you ah-ight.  I love your work!!!

  • Assman

    OK, that’s it. I’m moving to Jamaica. See y’all later.


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