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Melyssa Ford

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+106 rating of 124 votes

    Black Men


Melyssa Ford

Melyssa Ford, also known as “Jessica Rabbit”, was born in Toronto, Canada. She is a model and actress and has West Indian, Russian and Norwegian ancestors. Her height is 5’4″ and her measurements are 34-22-36. Melyssa Ford is an iconic figure in the entertainment industry.

Vote for Melyssa Ford

+106 rating of 124 votes

  • ubani Eze

    u look sexy and i love u

  • ubani Eze

    i love the way u are u are sweet

  • BigHRD2

    I love me some Mellyssa Ford, I heard she’s mixed with black and mullatto
    still she’s a pretty attractive black woman.

  • BigHRD2

    I wish that Mellyssa Ford come with something new, she’s pretty and all
    still she needs to come with new pics.

  • BigHRD2

    I think she’s an classy lady, still she’s been out there too long and that’s why I like
    the newer models better. Mellyssa Ford will always be an classic.

  • BigHRD2

    No matter how long she been out her pics are never boring, she’s always sexy
    everytime and that’s what I like about Mellyssa.

  • BigHRD2

    Mellysa is just like Tiara, an timeless dimepiece that any brotha would want to wife
    sooner or later, or get the pussy.





    Never had the REAL booty like the other buxom vixens but always had “tha look” and should’ve been in better than the BS she’s been in that sucked even with her in it.

  • percy frazier jr

    She’s forty now so I wouldn’t look for any new pics of her now that the new booty has arrived.,


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