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Hey i’m SassY, the name fits me based on my personality and my character in every day life. I cant say it’s an alter ego because SassY is me. Yes I’m pretty, I’m sweet, I’m loving, I’m giving, I’m very cool and down to earth but I’m also bitchy, arrogant and spoiled, what female isn’t? I worked hard for everything that I have and I’m working 10 times harder to pursue my career as a model. I started at the bottom but trust me when im done I will be on top. I’m not a perfect model I havent even conquered a percentage of what I really want to do in this industry. I still have lots of work to do before my goals are accomplished but I am confident in what I do and what i’ve done so far.

I live a good life and I show it through my modeling. I love being on set and in front of the camera because that’s what makes me happy. I’m very productive. I push myself hard, I stay busy networking, booking gigs and photoshoots to keep a full model resume and up to date pictures in my portfolio. I’m looking forward to getting more online exposure I want to do more videos, calendars, documentary DVD’s of my modeling career and I would love to have a spread in  the top eye candy magazines. I want to conquer it all. I’m working hard to reach the top and even then I won’t stop.

I want to receive feedback from serious hard working individuals (models, photographers, actors, make up artist, promoters, stylist and designers). Just all around business oriented people who actually has my best interest and want to help me expand. I’ve been modeling 2 1/2 years now and I hit so many dead ends dealing with people I thought were helping me or leading me in the right direction and in the end I was disappointed. The rocky moments in modeling has only made me stronger… Look at me now.

I support every beautiful hard working woman and model. I love to see females work together and come out on top. I dislike catty females, I dislike haters, copycats and followers. If I’m doin me let that inspire you to do you!

I thank everyone who loves me and supports what I do. Modeling started out as just a hobby for me but as time past it’s become my passion. I seen so much potential in my self and its all because of the people who support me and encourage me to move forward so thank you. My best is yet to come. Default image by Ace Photography.

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Vote for SassY

+19 rating of 27 votes

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    The last photograph is actually very nice.


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