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Zuri Latrice

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Zuri Latrice

Zuri Latrice was born November 23, 1988 in Cleveland, Oh. She was adopted at 18 months. She wanted to be everything from a scientist to a lawyer but modeling never crossed her mind. Even though she enjoyed taking pictures, she assumed all models had to be tall and thin.

During her youth she excelled in school and loved to travel. In fifth grade she became an exchange student in Paris, France. That was an experience that made her love for exploring the world even greater. In both junior high and high school, she participated in varsity basketball and softball. She loved sports and was definitely considered a tomboy. At Cleveland Heights High School she played left and right field. As a part of the Lady Tigers basketball team, she was point guard turned shooting guard. She loved it. She was known for her three-point shot andalso received an honorable mention in her conference. Eventually she received a scholarship from Lakeland Community College and became their starting shooting guard. Even though Zuri loves basketball and still plays from time to time, she decided to hang up her hoop shorts for a spot in the modeling industry.

The transformation from tomboy to model has been fun for her. “I never thought I was sexy, cute… but not sexy,” Zuri stated. We can all disagree with that statement. “I used to think all models were 6ft, 100lbs… not anymore!” she laughed. Standing at 5’5″, 145lbs and measurements of 36-28-41, she is definitely ready to take over the game!

Vote for Zuri Latrice

+35 rating of 41 votes

  • damond salary

    she’s precious jewel of my heart.

  • damond salary

    wow! i’m speechless! she’s spontaneous and delightful person on the face of the planet.


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