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Jazzmen Black

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    Mike Styles


Jazzmen Black

Jazzmen Black Contoure was born Jazzmen Blanks on September 9th, 1991 in Topeka, KS. She grew up in North Philly, by the age of 7 her family moved to Atlanta, GA, by the age of 9 her family settled into Fort Wayne, IN. She grew up in a middle class home with good parents, nice home and community. She is the oldest of 10 children and by the age of 9 her mother took her to her first modeling casting. Unfortunately the casting turned out to be a scam to collect $2,000 for services that would not be received. This disappointed her mother greatly which caused her to keep Jazzmen out of further modeling opportunities.

Jazzmen always had a unique style, look and personality which caused her many problems starting in middle school. She was constantly bullied which caused her to make the descision to leave school in the 11th grade and pursue her career in modeling. That’s when she decided it was time to move back to Phladelphia, PA at the age of 18. She had to get out of Fort Wayne, IN, where she knew she would never get the oppotunity to shine. She chose Philly because not only is it where she grew up but its also close to NYC, DC and other places where she could shine.

Her trip back to Philly was not a easy one, her uncle Calvin decided he believed in her enough to drive from Fort Wayne to Philly just so she could persue her dreams. They ran into many obsticle’s along the way to her destination such as a blizzard in Ohio, heavy traffic jams, an almost car collision and almost running out of gas. Finally on Feburary 12th,2010, with the help of her uncle, Jazzmen reached her destination for greatness PHILADELPHIA! She would soon find a manager by the name of Raheem. In July of this year she met her now manager Mike Styles, a well known manager & photographer. Mike manages people with high statuses such as Kat Washington of the “Bad Girl’s Club”. She also met her publicist, Nikki Scarfo-Barnes of Bankable Veracity PR Firm, LLC/Bankable Veracity Elite Models. She has been named 6 out of the top 10 publicist’s in the nation.

Aside from modeling, Jazzmen also has her hands in a lot of other business ventures such as acting, her own clothing line “Tru Vixen” and a business called “The Birthday Palace” which blows Chucky E. Chesse’s out the box! Jazzmen is an entreprenor on her way to greatness.

Vote for Jazzmen Black

+36 rating of 62 votes

  • charles patterson

    great pictures.

  • Mi Mi

    go head girl ! keep doin wat yu doin ! good luck:)

  • D

    Good Photographer.


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